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Belinda Rogers

What About Us? Ministry Organization

My Story

Mrs. Belinda Rogers [is] CEO and Founder of the What About Us Organization for young men ages 18-30 years.


Mrs. Rogers has in the past served as Senior Youth Director of Bethlehem Lutheran Church for 11 years. Serving children and families from a biblical standpoint. As a former teacher in the Saint Louis Public school system and Lutheran Schools such as Lutheran North, Christ Community Lutheran School at Bethlehem, and currently advocating for young adults Mrs. Rogers has been a faithful servant of God.


Mrs. Rogers has continued to show her love and compassion to not only her family but others in the church and in the community being an example servant of God. Her purpose in life is to give families hope and serve the community currently  focusing on decreasing  violence in North Saint Louis City. The focus of What About Us Organization is to help young men find purpose, passion, and provision. Teaching skills on how to become their best self mentally , physically , and emotionally. Mrs. Rogers favorite saying is "According to God All Things Are Possible" and "Stand Firm Even When The World Is Cheering For You to Sink".

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