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Nancy Stallard

Director of Mission Advancement

My Story

Nancy loves telling the story of an organization! She is especially excited to work on our staff here at BLC with all the great ministries that have so many wonderful stories attached to them. Her role at BLC will be to help tell our story by amplifying the great ministry we do here so that our friends are well informed on what we do, and more people can help us as we spread the Gospel of Christ! She is gifted in media, communications, and organizational development!

Nancy doesn’t know a stranger! She can be found popping into the halls and taking picture of our ministries and intently listening to stories of our members/staff as she shares our story with others. Nancy is most excited to share about how God is going to show up in our 5 Million Dollar Capital Campain process!

Hear these words from Nancy:

“As a life-long Christian, I truly enjoy working for organizations that are helping people, especially those who need an extra hand in life, to overcome their current trials and learn to thrive and fly again. Sharing God’s lifesaving Word through media is my passion.”

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